What is DualPicks?

DualPicks is a patented pick holder that solves
the problem every stringed instrument musician faces,
"...and now where do I put my pick?"

Imagine being able to tap and fingerpick,
play solos and arpeggios,
with the utmost freedom

With DualPicks creativity has no limits!
Use your favorite pick
and hide it in the palm of your hand
in the time of a sixteenth note


Elastic Strap

Place DualPicks on your thumb as if you were putting on a ring and adjust the diameter using the elastic strap.

When you no longer need it, simply slide it off your finger.

Soft and Flexible Tab

The special material of the support tab allows you to always have the pick within easy reach, without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

Adjustable Width

You decide how far to retract the pick into your palm.

Adjust the rotation stop. The closer it is to the tab, the shorter the movement you will need to retrieve the pick.

Also for Left-handers!

DualPicks adapts to you.

If you are left-handed, reverse the position of the support tab with the stop.

Use it with your pick

DualPicks does not require a special pick.

Thanks to our special gel double-sided adhesive, you can stick the pick to the support tab, choosing the angle of rotation and position.